Healing Traumas

We close our month on non-violence and begin our month on healing by learning how to heal trauma.  The amazing news is that new insights into the body/mind/spirit connection show us concrete ways we can actually heal, individually and together.  I’ll share this good news with … read more.

What is Public Safety?

In our month on non-violence, we turn to the question of what makes us safe from violence?  Is violence necessary to hold other violence at bay?  What actually reduces crime?  (and what is crime, anyway?).  A little Michele Foucault, a little Angela Davis, and some … read more.

End This Now!

Join us for an overview of domestic violence, including how abuse manifests, understanding the cycle of abuse, and red flags to look for as well as information about how to be a positive bystander, intervening in the situations, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to abuse.

Lynnea … read more.