The Good Enough Parent

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D.W. Winnicott, the influential pediatrician and theorist, argued that instead of shaming mothers, in particular, for not being “perfect”, we needed to focus on the “good enough parent.”  His research showed that being “good enough” was more useful than striving … read more.

The Things I Cannot Change

Some of us are taught that we are masters of our universe.  But there are so many things that happen that we cannot change.  Over the last year, in particular, we have often felt so powerless.  Some of us are used to this feeling, while … read more.

UU Justice Revival – Taking a Collective Breath

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April 25, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. Online Only on YouTube

Twenty-five Unitarian Universalist congregations in IL, the UU Advocacy network, and UU Prison ministries are gathering to take a collective breath. As spring waits on the horizon, can we breathe? … read more.