Have Mercy On My Soul

Centuries ago, a group of mostly self-educated people in New England came to a startling realization.  They read their Bible and found no evidence of eternal punishment for sins.  They considered what it meant to believe in a loving God and rejected the idea of … read more.

Building a Presence of Support

According to Ruth Wilson Gilmore, abolition is about building presence and not absence. Join us for a meditation on incarceration, the prison industrial complex, and how our Unitarian Universalist understandings of human dignity and interconnectedness inform us as we work for just systems of accountability … read more.

Love and Mercy

For human relationships to thrive – friendships, family, colleagues, and lovers – they must have mercy in them.  When we care about each other enough to take care of each other’s wounds and to notice and respond to our hurts and hopes then our love … read more.