Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson


The second in our year-long series on 10 big ideas that have changed or expanded my thinking in the last 15 years as your minister.  Non-binary gender identity is far more public and known today than it was a generation ago – even though people … read more.

From Inclusion to Belonging

We’ll look directly at our theme for September, “Belonging” and explore why this is such a powerful concept.  How might belonging shift our understanding of our common life together, and how can we resist efforts to cheapen or commodify it? 

10 Big Ideas: Attachment Theory

The first of 10 sermons between now and June about 10 big ideas I’ve learned in 15 years as your minister.  Attachment Theory has revolutionized my understanding of the ways that people connect with family, partners, friends, and community.  It’s a very simple and powerful … read more.


Come one, come all.  We’ll celebrate and remember why church matters, and why we matter to church.  See you there.

Empathy & Rage Part 2

Our longing to be seen and loved can turn to rage – towards others and towards ourselves – when we don’t have that core need met, or when we see the injustice and pettiness of the world.  How do we deal with the rage in … read more.

Empathy and Rage, part 1

We live in a time when empathy seems in short supply, and rage is over-abundant.  In part one of this two-part series, I’ll explore how rage and empathy are shaping the world we live in together, and how we can find ways to counteract this … read more.

Questions, Answers, and Questions

Our occasional recurring Q and A service.  Matthew will answer as many of your questions as we can get in – on religion, Unitarian Universalism, our church, the world, etc, etc, etc.  So think up some questions and bring them with you on Sunday.  You … read more.

The State of the UUA

My report from General Assembly and the State of the Unitarian Universalist Association in general.  What is happening with our wider faith movement?  How are we confronting the challenges of our times?  What is giving us hope – and what is giving us pause? What … read more.

What’s Next?

Matthew will preach on a broken America and what might be done to make it better. Strong words about the Supreme Court are expected.