Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

Love Languages

We will begin our month on the theme of “love” with another service focused on 10 big ideas I’ve learned in the last 15 years. I have found the pop-theory of “love languages” to be a gift in understanding myself and others. We … read more.


Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, forwarded email or Cable News, so much of how we engage with the news of the world is designed to keep us on the “outrage treadmill.”  Everything seems broken and terrible.  Yet, historians and political scientists argue that we … read more.

Dr. King’s 3rd Step

In his letter from Birmingham Jail, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., outlined three steps to make social change.  The third step, which he called “self-purification”, is very important but often skipped – then and now.  We’ll look at how we ground our work for justice so … read more.

10 Big Ideas: Plasticity

 Online and in-person 
I continue my series on 10 big ideas that have shaped my thinking in my 15th year with you.  Neuro-Plasticity, the idea that the brain can grow, change, adapt, and heal, has profound spiritual implications.  It is important for how we … read more.

What Child is This?

Our annual interactive telling of the nativity story.  Participation welcome!  All ages.  We tell the old story and seek out meaning for our time.  Lots of singing, too.

Climate Crisis: Anxiety and Hope

“Love is a teacher.” This is a service about anxiety and hope, with respect to the climate crisis and our relationships with the earth and with each other.  How do we respond to our grief and anger about the climate crisis? What can give us hope … read more.