Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

“The Ocean I Travel”

One of our greatest sources of delight is the natural world. 185, Ralph Waldo Emerson began the famous Divinity School Address with the words: “In this refulgent summer, it has been a luxury to draw the breath of life.” Reflections on delight, our earthly … read more.

10 Big Ideas: Happiness Studies

The last of the year-long series on 10 big ideas that are shaping my ministry. Researchers have been studying happiness and reaching profound conclusions about what actually produces joy, meaning, and satisfaction. What will actually make us happy? And how do we … read more.

Big Momma Makes the World

Online and in-person
The wonderful re-imagination of the creation story, Big Momma Makes the World, suggests a way we might exercise the creative power of mothers, parents, caregivers, and those who support them to make a better and beautiful world. We’ll celebrate the … read more.

10 Big Ideas: The Tarot

Online and in-person
We continue our year-long series on 10 big ideas that have shaped my ministry in these 15 years with a service on Tarot cards in particular and “Western Esoteric Spiritual Practices” in general. Studying Tarot has given me insights into … read more.

10 Big Ideas: Adaptive Leadership

“The Zone of Productive Disequilibrium.” “Get on the Balcony.” “Technical Problems and Adaptive Challenges.” “Work Avoidance.” These jargony phrases sound like corporate consultant speak – and yet, the theory of Adaptive Leadership has changed my ministry and my life. It is … read more.