Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

Changing Your Life

If you want to transform your life, how might we go about it? What makes personal transformation possible, sustainable, and attractive? What motivations are worthy of our effort? What spiritual resources will we need?

Reparations and Repair

The work of justice and equity includes repair for what has gone wrong. We’ll explore the concept of reparations on a social, congregational, and personal level, and look at the theology and emotional terrain involved in dealing with shame, accountability, healing, and moving forward together.

Love Beyond Belief

Unitarianism and Universalism have held, for hundreds of years, that what we believe matters much less than how we love and live. In today’s divided and fractured world, how can the practice of Love Beyond Belief show us a way forward that is pluralistic, … read more.

Love that Frees

We continue our month on liberating love, and recommit to Dr. King’s vision of Beloved Community, by reflecting on the power of Love to set us free, both collectively and individually. How might love ground our work to abolish systems of control and dehumanization, … read more.

Love is in Need of Love Today

The Unitarian Universalist Association has named Liberating Love as the heart of our faith in its new proposed statement of values. What does it mean to make love the heart of our faith, and how might we nurture liberating love in our lives and … read more.

Christmas Eve

5 pm Christmas Eve Candlelight Service: Our traditional service of lessons and carols. We tell the old story, and wonder together: “Can we have peace on earth today?” This is an all-ages service. Please note: There is NO morning worship service on Sunday, … read more.