Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

Healing Traumas

We close our month on non-violence and begin our month on healing by learning how to heal trauma.  The amazing news is that new insights into the body/mind/spirit connection show us concrete ways we can actually heal, individually and together.  I’ll share this good news with … read more.

What is Public Safety?

In our month on non-violence, we turn to the question of what makes us safe from violence?  Is violence necessary to hold other violence at bay?  What actually reduces crime?  (and what is crime, anyway?).  A little Michele Foucault, a little Angela Davis, and some … read more.


Ahimsa, a Sanskrit word meaning “non-injury”, is a central tenant in Jainism, Buddhism, and many strands of Hinduism.  Often reduced to vegetarianism or pacifism, or both, the doctrine of Ahimsa is wider and deeper than these most obvious examples.  It is a way of living … read more.

Reverence for the Dead

The ancient Celts held that on the night halfway between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice, the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead would grow thin, and the dead would come to visit. This holy night marked the … read more.

Reverence: People and Practice

What are the practices which cultivate the quality of reverence in our lives?  How might we learn to grow in depth and understanding?  Rev. Matthew will share some spiritual practices that promote reverence in our lives and the world, so you can see what might … read more.

Reverence: Language and Silence

When we have experiences of reverence, we might respond with words – to try to describe and share that experience.  But words never quite capture it, do they?  On the other hand, some words have a dose of spiritual power.  And there are other times … read more.

Reverence for the Land

Potawatomi Naturalist Robin Wall Kimmerer, in her beautiful book “Braiding Sweetgrass,” connects the ancient wisdom of her ancestors to the emerging science of ecology.  It turns out that understanding the land and all those who live in and on it requires a certain measure of … read more.

Reason vs reason.

As we close our month on reason, I’ll reflect on “reason” and “Reason.”  The enlightenment philosophers articulated a vision of reason as a way to make the world make sense, but in some hands, the cult of “Reason” became a deadly totalitarian project. How do we, … read more.

Faith and the Climate Crisis

The Climate Crisis is an existential threat to life as we know it.  It impacts human thriving, equity, and our natural world.  It is about how we live now and how we will live in the centuries to come.  It requires a faithful response, and … read more.


We celebrate the beginning of the new church and school year, and reflect on the power of community.  We’ll consider what it means to be about repairing our lives and our shared world, and how we can be reasonable agents of love and healing in … read more.