Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

May All Beings Be Well

Mindfulness is a central practice in Buddhism.  Becoming mindful is a path to spiritual peace, enlightenment, and justice.  But mindfulness isn’t just about deep breathes and mantras.  It is becoming mindful of the true nature of the self and the universe, and the path to … read more.


Aretha Franklin took a song by Otis Reading and transformed it into a feminist anthem of self-respect and affirmation.  Grounded in gospel and the church, Franklin’s life and career testify to the power of resilience and demanding to be treated with respect.  We’ll begin our … read more.

Have Mercy On My Soul

Centuries ago, a group of mostly self-educated people in New England came to a startling realization.  They read their Bible and found no evidence of eternal punishment for sins.  They considered what it meant to believe in a loving God and rejected the idea of … read more.

Love and Mercy

For human relationships to thrive – friendships, family, colleagues, and lovers – they must have mercy in them.  When we care about each other enough to take care of each other’s wounds and to notice and respond to our hurts and hopes then our love … read more.

Just Mercy

“Just Mercy” is the title of Bryan Stevenson’s book on his experiences as a death-penalty lawyer, working to stop executions and death-in-prison sentences.  It’s also the name of the movie based on the book.  And it is a theological call – to lead with mercy … read more.

Every Valley Exalted

On this Dr. King weekend, when our democracy and the idea of justice is under threat, we turn to one of his favorite passages, Isaiah 40, to explore what it means to believe in holy justice and to give our spirit, our time, and our … read more.