Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson


If we were centered in a theology of abundance and a practice of gratitude, how might it change how we live, individually and together? When we praise what is good, might it give us the courage and power to change what is not good? … read more.


According to Celtic teaching, on the night halfway between the fall equinox and the winter solstice, the veil between the world of the dead and the world of the living lifts, and spirits wander among us. Separate from but similar to the traditions … read more.

It’s All Native Land

What do we do with the complicated history of settler-colonialization of Indigenous Land? What is our individual and collective responsibility to repair? What stories should we know and tell? We will take the time to avoid simple and formulaic answers as we learn together.

Generations 2

The second in this series (do watch the first online if you missed it). We’ll turn to how we can be and live together. How do we cross the gulf and build bridges? How can we nurture a multigenerational community? How can elders hear and … read more.

Generations 1

This begins a two-sermon series on Generations, Generational Theory, and Multigenerational Community. We’ll explore the newest thinking about how generations are shaped, and the spiritual tasks and gifts of each generation. We’ll begin to think about multi- and cross-generational community, which we’ll pick … read more.

Preemptive Radical Inclusion

We’ll explore some of the complicated parts of welcome and inclusion. How do we move from assimilation to inclusion? What are the boundaries around welcome? What does it mean to recenter a community toward those often marginalized? If you think you know what … read more.

Homecoming! (You’ll Be Back).

As we celebrate the beginning of the 183rd year of this church, we’ll reflect on what it means to make community together, and to return again and again to a place and a people. What makes this return “good and pleasant” and freely chosen? … read more.

Upcoming: Q and A!

It’s our semi-regular Q and A service. I will do my best to answer your questions. These services often turn about to be my favorites of the year, and surprisingly deep more often than not. You can send a question in advance … read more.