Prelude                                                 “Rondeau”                                           F. Couperin




Singing #38                                   “Morning Has Broken”                        Farjeon/Evans


Land Acknowledgement                                                                               


Covenant                            Love is the spirit of this church,

and reason is its guide.

To dwell together in peace,

to seek truth in freedom,

and to serve human need:

this is our covenant.


Sung Response                   May love shine forth through us today

May light of reason guide our way

May beauty, truth, and joy become

A flame that burns in everyone.




Musical Response                               “Reflection”                                       G. F. Handel


Story for All Ages     “If I Never Forever Endeavor” by Holly Meade       


Family Recessional      “This Little Light of Mine” (#118)

African American spiritual

We will exit through the back doors of the sanctuary to go downstairs. Parents are welcome to escort their children downstairs and attend Religious Education with them, as they wish. Children of all ages are welcome to stay in the service.


Offering                                “Ease On Down The Road”                      Charlie E. Smalls


Testimony                                                                                                         Li M Blacker      


Singing #108                     “My Life Flows On in Endless Song”                Plenn/Lowry


Reading         “Start Big. Start Small. Start Somewhere” by Joshua Becker

Matthew 13:31-32

Tao te Ching, trans. Brian Browne Walker, #48




Special Music                             “I Can See Clearly Now”                           Johnny Nash


Message                                          Start by Starting           Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson


Singing #168                                  “One More Step”                    Poley/Lewis-McLaren


*Benediction and Closing Blessing                                                                             Scott