Order of Service

Prelude                                                “Pianosong”                                                  Halley


Sing #1                              “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door”                 Louis/Quaile

Land Acknowledgement

Covenant                               Love is the spirit of this church,

                                                and reason is its guide.

                                                To dwell together in peace,

                                                to seek truth in freedom,

                                                and to serve human need:

                                                this is our covenant.

Sung Response                    May love shine forth through us today

                                                May light of reason guide our way

                                                May beauty, truth, and joy become

                                                A flame that burns in everyone.


Musical Response               “Will You Seek in Far-Off Places?”    

                                                                                                           Carpenter/arr. Luboff

Story for All Ages    “Beyond Every Door” by Rev. Molly Housh Gordon

Bridging Ceremony

Offering                                      “Home” from Wonderland    Wildhorn, arr. Keveren

Testimony                                                                                                 Jessica Hodierne       

Singing #1029                   “Love Knocks and Waits for Us to Hear” 

                                                                                                          Daniel Charles Damon

Reading                 “A Map to the Door of No Return” by Dionne Brand

Responsive Reading #578              “The Great Lesson”                       Olympia Brown


Anthem                                              “The Road Home”                    Brown/arr. Paulus

Message                                          Door of No Return               

Singing #1015                                     “I Know I Can”     Hamilton/Gagne arr. Freundt

*Benediction and Closing Blessing                                                                              Scott