The Social Justice Council serves as the organizing and coordinating body for the church’s social justice efforts. The committee includes representatives from our initiatives and partnerships. As a congregation, we have active teams working for ecological justice, racial justice, educational opportunity, and more.  We also partner closely with local organizations to work for reproductive justice, immigration justice, food security, LGBTQ+ justice, and more.  We work with local, statewide, national, and international partners — both Unitarian Universalist and others.  The Council keeps these efforts going and makes intersectional connections between them.    

In addition, through our Share the Plate program, we give away 80% of our offering each week to an organization doing the work of caring, compassion, and witness in the world.  These organizations are chosen by our Social Justice team.

The team strives to educate the congregation on social justice issues by sponsoring informational forums and publishing articles in the church newsletter. The team also selects annual recipients of the Connolly Award, which recognizes those involved in community service and social justice work.