Speaker: Rev. Joyce Palmer

What is Restorative Justice?

Come learn and experience the power of the restorative justice circles. Restorative circles are a pathway to restore relationships, build community, and resolve conflict. We will experience the benefits of reflective listening in a facilitated group relying on a compassionate process with opportunities to acknowledge … read more.

A Listening Heart

Listening and learning to listen are lifelong processes. The need to listen in situations which include our interpersonal relationships and our efforts to work across differences with community partners, makes the job of listening a more daunting and critical task. How do we listen … read more.

Living a Life of Surrender

The idea of living a life of surrender is complicated by our identities and society. What would it take to create communities where everyone gets to be vulnerable and is supported to embrace their full selves?

Until We Reckon

A small group of us have been reading and discussing the UUA Common Read Defund Fear: Safety Without Policing, Prisons, and Punishment by Zach Norris. The failure of mass incarceration to keep us safe is becoming increasingly clear. There are better ways to hold individuals accountable and increase … read more.

Radical Hospitality

Creating a culture of hospitality in the increasingly hostile and isolating world we live in is a radical act. Let’s explore practical steps we can take to open our hearts to welcome the stranger.

Courage to Heal

What do we mean when we talk about healing? The typical understanding of healing centers on cure, join us as we examine various ways to understand healing for our mind, body, and spirits. 

Finding Your Powerful Voice

The theme for Sunday, Feb. 27 is Finding Your Powerful Voice, reasons why this is important and ways to discover your own voice are the focus.

End This Now!

Join us for an overview of domestic violence, including how abuse manifests, understanding the cycle of abuse, and red flags to look for as well as information about how to be a positive bystander, intervening in the situations, attitudes, and behaviors that lead to abuse.

Lynnea … read more.