We seek to understand ourselves, the holy, and the world we share through religious education and faith development for children, youth, and adults. We have many opportunities to get involved – which you can explore through the Groups & Activities page.  You might enjoy an group that hikes, sings, or goes out to lunch. You might want to serve on a team or committee. We strongly encourage folks to join a small group – a spirit journey, discussion, or similar group – where you can go deeper in your spiritual life.

We serve the world that we share together though our ministries of social justice. We have many outreach and service programs, including hands-on-service and advocacy & education work.  Recently we’ve worked on anti-racism, education, economic justice, GLBTQ equality, and other similar issues — places where a religious voice for the dignity of all people is needed.  We also give away 80% of our Sunday Offering each week to an organization or charity doing good work in our community.  

We love beyond belief.  As we seek and serve, we remind ourselves of our power to love, and that we ourselves are loved and lovable.  This happens mostly in our common worship life.  We gather each week to comfort, challenge, inspire, and restore ourselves.  We hear music and sing together.  We listen to the message from one of our ministers.  We see friends and strangers and make connections.  We also have a caring ministry, where we offer and receive that love to and from one another.  

Come join us.