Believing that, together, we can create something big out of something “little,” The Free Pantry initiative addresses food insecurity while fostering neighborhood engagement within local communities.  Embodying  the concept of mutual aid, the Free Pantry Initiative  encourages cooperation and sovereignty, emphasizing the idea that everyone has something to offer and everyone has needs that can be met.  In April 2023, we were fortunate to receive a twenty-five hundred dollar grant from the CFNIL Neighborhood Grants program. The money from the grant, in addition to contributions from church members, and a generous contribution of lumber from Schmeling Building Supply enabled us to build an 8×4 shed that now houses our food pantry and refrigerator. The UU Neighborhood Free Pantry is more than just a storage place; it is a climate-controlled space that is accessible 24/7 to anyone in need.   UU Neighborhood Free Pantry website