At the Unitarian Universalist Church, we have a long and proud tradition of musical excellence. Our Music Director, Tim Anderson, leads our music program, which includes a variety of opportunities for participation. The anchor of the program is our choir, the Unicantors. Other opportunities for participation include congregational singing, serving as an instrumentalist or vocal soloist, and singing in small ensembles.

The Unicantors

The choir is the centerpiece of music at the church. The group is led by Music Director Tim Anderson. The Unicantors sing almost every Sunday at the worship service. Rehearsals are on Thursday nights from 7:00 to 8:30, with a warm-up rehearsal on Sunday mornings.

The choir welcomes new voices at any time, especially in the fall. The most important qualification is that you like to sing! Please contact Tim at if you are interested.

Music for services spans a range of styles, from classical to contemporary (including gospel, opera, and secular music). The Unicantors often benefit greatly from the talents of violist Teresa Wilmot, as well as instrumentalists from outside the church who accompany us. These instrumentalists also frequently provide solo music for services.

Special Musical Events

Special music includes the presentation of larger choral works in early December and early May, often accompanied by a small chamber orchestra or other ensemble. Recent works presented include Vivaldi’s Magnificat, the Lauridsen NocturnesYe Shall Come Out with Joy! (AIDS cantata) by Jonathan D. Cole, Holocaust Cantata by Donald McCullough, Rutter’s Gloria, Mozart’s Te DeumKindred Spirits by Jon Bailey and Bill Bowersock, Pinkham’s Wedding Cantata, and Requiem of Hope by Colin Mawby.

Interest in other music ensembles in the past has resulted in the creation of a brass ensemble, recorder group, and other groups. Anyone interested in participating in an ensemble should contact Tim.


Our organ is an Allen MDS-75, a three manual digital organ installed in 1991. Carlo Curley, noted international organist, played the dedicatory concert for our organ.

The harpsichord, given in memory of Holly Hurdle, is a small instrument whose steel frame and clear sound keep it in demand for performances of Handel’s Messiah and Bach cantatas around town.

The sanctuary grand is a medium-sized Kawai. The piano was refinished after a small hurricane blew through the sanctuary, dropping shards of glass in its wake.