Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

What Child is This?

Our annual interactive telling of the nativity story.  Participation welcome!  All ages.  We tell the old story and seek out meaning for our time.  Lots of singing, too.

Climate Crisis: Anxiety and Hope

“Love is a teacher.” This is a service about anxiety and hope, with respect to the climate crisis and our relationships with the earth and with each other.  How do we respond to our grief and anger about the climate crisis? What can give us hope … read more.


We continue our year-long services on 10 Big Ideas I’ve learned, as part of my 15th year of ministry with you.  Emergence suggests that phenomenon – like consciousness, justice, love, and community, and life itself – “emerges” from a mix of things and has not one … read more.

Accidental Davening

Online and in-person 
Our Auction sermon winner selected the essay “Accidental Davening” by Oliver Sacks, a neurologist, for me to preach on.  This fascinating story leads us to a reflection on the connection between music, the body, the mind, and the activity of … read more.

Coming Out

National Coming Out Day is Oct. 11th.  We’ve learned a lot about what it means to come out and celebrate yourself – including that it is an ongoing process, that it can never be required, and that sharing our story with another person is liberating … read more.


The second in our year-long series on 10 big ideas that have changed or expanded my thinking in the last 15 years as your minister.  Non-binary gender identity is far more public and known today than it was a generation ago – even though people … read more.

From Inclusion to Belonging

We’ll look directly at our theme for September, “Belonging” and explore why this is such a powerful concept.  How might belonging shift our understanding of our common life together, and how can we resist efforts to cheapen or commodify it? 

10 Big Ideas: Attachment Theory

The first of 10 sermons between now and June about 10 big ideas I’ve learned in 15 years as your minister.  Attachment Theory has revolutionized my understanding of the ways that people connect with family, partners, friends, and community.  It’s a very simple and powerful … read more.