Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

The Power of Two

A close friendship or romantic relationship can be a balm in times of trouble, a source of wisdom when are full of doubt, and give us the power to become our best selves.  How might we nurture “the power of two” in our lives?

Shine Your Light

I love that question, “if you were a superhero, what would be your power?”  Yet, we do have power — we are just often afraid of it.  What does it mean to claim your power? To shine your light into the world?  To live fully?  … read more.

Can People Change?


Sometimes, we see people seem to make major changes in their life. They get out of toxic relationships, get sober, get healthy, or do something else new and different.  But often we see people get stuck – and feel like nothing can change. What makes change … read more.

The Third Reconstruction

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The civil rights leader Rev. William Barber, in his book The Third Reconstruction, argues that we are in the midst of a new effort to deal with the economic and racial systems of oppression that still limit opportunity for too many.  On this … read more.

Heart Goes “Boom Boom Boom”

The spirit of renewal is fed by hope, adventure, and cutting loose from the expectations that we have set for ourselves, or allowed others to set for us. How can play and courage help you renew what is stale for you?

The Gift of Healing

We’ll expand on the story of the magi’s gifts to explore how we can give and accept the gifts of healing from others.  What is the “gold, frankincense, and myrrh” for our time? 

Christmas Eve

An all-ages Christmas Eve candlelight serve with readings, music, and reflections.  Masks are required.  If the weather behaves, we will end the service outside with candles and the singing of silent night.  Bring your friends and family. 

The Power of Stories – the Pageant!

We welcome the children and youth back to the sanctuary with our all-ages (really, all) interactive retelling of ancient story of Christmas.  Why do we retell familiar stories, over and over again?  What power do such stories have?  Please join us.

Captives, Go Free

Part of the advent message – contained in Mary’s prayer for “the rich to be brought down” and in the prophecies of Isaiah “to release the prisoners” and to “let justice roll down like waters” – is a hope for systems of oppression to give … read more.

Healing Traumas

We close our month on non-violence and begin our month on healing by learning how to heal trauma.  The amazing news is that new insights into the body/mind/spirit connection show us concrete ways we can actually heal, individually and together.  I’ll share this good news with … read more.