Speaker: Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson

Care for the Soul of Others

What does it mean to offer care, do justice, and live in a relationship with others in a way that cares for their soul?  When we recognize the humanity and divinity of other people, how should we respond? 


Care for your Soul

What does it mean to care for your soul?  What is a soul, and how does one care for it?  We’ll explore these questions through the only way we can: metaphor and mystery. Join us. The annual meeting will follow the service.

Online and In-Person
MASKS … read more.

Gather the Spirit

We will gather both in-person and online for the first time since last March.  What does it mean to “gather in spirit and power?” Why is a gathering of spirit so important? We’ll rededicate our space and our community in a briefer-than-normal service, then there … read more.

What We Learned the Hard Way

Since March of last year, in this extraordinary and extraordinarily difficult year, things have been revealed.  Some were already known to some, while some of us learned things for the first.  What did we learn the hard way?  What must we not forget?  What does … read more.

The Good Enough Parent

 Online Only
D.W. Winnicott, the influential pediatrician and theorist, argued that instead of shaming mothers, in particular, for not being “perfect”, we needed to focus on the “good enough parent.”  His research showed that being “good enough” was more useful than striving … read more.

The Things I Cannot Change

Some of us are taught that we are masters of our universe.  But there are so many things that happen that we cannot change.  Over the last year, in particular, we have often felt so powerless.  Some of us are used to this feeling, while … read more.

May All Beings Be Well

Mindfulness is a central practice in Buddhism.  Becoming mindful is a path to spiritual peace, enlightenment, and justice.  But mindfulness isn’t just about deep breathes and mantras.  It is becoming mindful of the true nature of the self and the universe, and the path to … read more.