Guided by reason and sustained by love, we are a liberal religious community inspiring people to transform our world from inhumanity to love. Come worship with us - you'll be glad you did.

Sunday Morning

Join us for worship on Sunday, September 7 at 9:15 a.m. or 11 a.m. The Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson will share a sermon entitled "Team Risk".

My former brothers-in-law would, when playing Bridge together, name themselves "team risk." They bid aggressively, played loosely, and had fun. The results were sometimes disastrous, but often winning. Bridge is just a game, and life is not at all a game, yet, what would it mean for you to be part of a "team risk?" What risks would you be willing to take if you were part of team that had your back? How would it feel to live a little more on the edge? How do we manage our anxiety when we're out there on the ledge? 

For children and youth, we offer free nursery and child care (for children under 4) and religious education programs (for children 4 and up).

Join us at 4848 Turner St., Rockford, IL 61107.

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