Wherein Lies the Heart of the Matter?

Covid-19 presented us with challenges that we did not anticipate. These include isolation, social awkwardness, depression, apathetic inertia, and multiple losses without the presence of a community to hold us. The impact of Covid lingers. As we reorient ourselves in this time, wherein lies the heart of the matter for our identities?; wherein lies the heart of the matter as we seek healing from the traumas that have left their mark on us?; wherein lies the heart of the matter as we consider our UU church home and communities of faith?

Rev. Linda Slabon,M.Div., MSW, M.A., LCSW, is the Minister Emerita of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of DeKalb and is an Affiliated Community Minister with the UU Church in Rockford. Linda serves as a Board Member on the UU Advocacy Network of Illinois and she maintains a small private practice as a Clinical Social Worker.

Dr. Toni Tollerud is a Distinguished Teaching Professor Emerita of the College of Education at NIU. She serves as president of the Northern IL University Annuitants Board, and she leads state-wide seminars on supervision and trauma. For 26 years Toni served as music and choir director at the UU Congregation of DeKalb, IL.

In addition, Bionic Nana Linda with her titanium hips, and Grandma Toni are spouses of 34 years who enjoy travel, a passion for gardening, and time spent with their 8-year-old granddaughter Amelia.