When Balance Betrays

The idea and practice of life balance feels right, good, measured, and well…soothing.  And yet I have come to believe that balance betrays when we: 

  • confuse balance with order and control; 
  • presume balance does not include anger or rage; 
  • regard balance as the answer so that we might ignore or minimize grief, fear, or pain;
  • use balance as a bludgeon to shame those who are exuberant, too much, or passionate; 
  • choose balance as safety rather than take risks for love and justice. I’ll explore how our misconceptions of balance limits our growth and wounds our spirit. 

Reverend Linda Slabon, M.Div., MSW, M.A., LCSW, served 26 years as the minister of the UU Fellowship of DeKalb.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker she worked at Family Service Agency, DeKalb County Hospice, and maintains a small private practice. She is grateful each day for the 33 year relationship with her wife Toni, and being Nana to their 6 year old grand-daughter in their bi-racial, bi-cultural family.