There is a Field

Online and in-person
Rev. Pamela Rumancik
Farm fields, force fields, quantum fields, battlefields – there are myriad organizations of the spaces we inhabit. Bayo Akomolafe suggests that both whiteness and blackness may be energetic fields shaping our experience and perspective in life. Can we shift perspective to see the fields in which we exist? Can we explore others, or simply begin to see things previously hidden? Rumi tells us; “Beyond right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” What might be possible in that space?

The Rev Pamela Rumancik is poet, native plant enthusiast and lifelong seeker who recently retired from serving the Unitarian Church in Hinsdale. Her spiritual roots reach back to Catholicism, and she is an initiate into the Sufi tradition. These deep liturgical origins inform her love of the arts as a vehicle for experiencing the Holy. Pam’s deepest commitments are to remembering the divine in each being and finding ways to open conversation with folks who see the world differently. Originally from Lorain, Ohio and she is the mother of three grown children and the wife of Rev Karen Mooney. Pam and Karen live in Bull Valley, Il share their home with two goldendoodles named Parker & Ruthie and spend a lot of time out in the garden.