Music Sunday: Kindness in Winter

This Sunday, we celebrate our December Music Sunday once again. However, in this year when nothing is as it should be, our service of music will not feature a major work presented by the Unicantors. (However, the Unicantors will make a surprise appearance on Sunday that you won’t want to miss!) Instead, our talented musical friends Rachel Handlin, Michael Beert, and Aria Beert, affectionately known as the Beert Family Band, will join us to present a variety of musical selections related to winter. The selections include both familiar and new tunes from a wide variety of styles, including works by Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, and Vaughan Williams, among others. As our theme for the month of December is kindness, different elements of the service will touch on the importance of expressions of kindness and love in times of adversity and cold-heartedness (seasonal or otherwise). We hope this service of music will warm your hearts as we face the impending chill and challenge of a pandemic winter.