Music Sunday: Creativity and the Arts in-person
Our May Music Sunday celebrates creativity in the arts, particularly the arts of music and poetry. Guest musicians and singers will join the Unicantors in presenting For a Breath of Ecstasy, a major work by composer Michael John Trotta comprising musical settings of seven poems by Sara Teasdale, winner of the first Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1918. Employing string quartet and oboe as vocal accompaniment, Trotta masterfully incorporates certain melodic elements throughout the work, giving a sense of continuity to the piece as a whole. The poetry is beautiful, as are Trotta’s settings. If you’d like a preview of the poetry, you can read the Sara Teasdale poem from which the title of the work is taken here: You’ll have to come (or tune in) on Sunday to hear the musical treatment Trotta provides for it. We hope to see you then!