Kairos October 6, 2020

Kairos                                                      10/06/2020

Unlearning History
October 11, 2020, at 10:00 a.m. (Online Only at 
Rev. Dr. Marlene Walker

So much of what we learned about the history of our nation has turned out to be a false narrative. How do we go about unlearning what we have been taught and learn more expansive ways of understanding and honoring our real history?
Happy Birthday to: Audrey Hart (10/06), Toni Tollerud (10/08), Jon McGinty (10/09), Marvin Smitherman (10/09), TerrySimmons (10/09), Bill Schuyler (10/11), & Jesse Parker (10/13)!

Welcome to the world Sandi’s new granddaughter, Jubilee Shalom Campbell!

“She came early but spunky. Gretchen’s little sister. 4 lbs 14 oz. Dad has her back. Mom is well after the C section so she is taking it easy. I really love this new life. Somebody to spoil.” Sandi Campbell

Share the Plate with Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants
 restores hope, faith, and dignity to adults and children who are entangled in the broken and inhumane immigration system in the United States. Guided by our unshakeable belief in the inherent worth of all people, we walk alongside detained immigrants at each step of their journey and provide them with the care and compassion every person deserves. Drawing on our intimate knowledge of people’s immigration stories and experiences, we advocate for longterm, systemic change that embraces and standardizes humane alternatives to detention.

Click here to donate.

Wonderful Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.
Linda will discuss her work with asylum seekers.  She has been to the border on five separate occasions over the last two years and has continued to work with asylum seekers and organizations helping asylum seekers remotely. Linda will give an update on what is happening to asylum seekers during these challenging times.

Linda will share stories that she promised many asylum seekers she would share of their journeys and the many obstacles placed in their way as they fled for their lives and the lives of their children.

Last year Linda wrote a play about her work with asylum seekers and submitted it to Rockford’s, The West Side Showroom.  Her play, Rainbow Warriors, was one of the ones selected to be featured during the 2019 New Play Festival.  Linda will be reading her play as it describes what so many asylum seekers have been forced to endure.
Zoom: 337-267-3668
*ZOOM Church Calendar*
Most “all church” events will be 337-267-3668. This is the Personal Meeting
ID for “Thomas Kerr,” our online identity (and the minister from 1870-1900,
who used all the new technology of his time to reach those he
served). Generally, there will be a waiting room and the host will need to
admit you. 

Coffee Hour on Sunday. 337-267-3668. 11:10 am. Matthew and Chris will
be hosts. 

Touchstones: contact your touchstones group facilitator for the time
and meeting ID, if you don’t already have it.

– Caring Team Meeting – The first Tuesday of each month at 6 pm.  ID 337-267-3668

Want to have a group – a book group, a parent group, a “circle supper”, or
whatever you like? You can create a free Zoom account (40-minute limit,
though often waived by zoom at minute 35). Or, you can use “Thomas Kerr’s”
– just email Autumn at
 office@uurockford.org and she can give you the login
and password.
Calling Everyone to Ramble with the Ramblers!
Anderson Japanese Gardens will be closing for the season at the end of October. So…………let’s ramble there on Wednesday, October 7th. The weather forecast looks great!! Meet at 9:30 at the main entrance. If you are a member, remember to bring your membership card (and complimentary passes if you have them). There will be a few complimentary passes available otherwise the admission fee is $11.00 for adults and $10 for seniors (over 62).

Bring your mask and wear your walking shoes!! More information about Anderson Japanese Gardens can be found on their website, www.AndersonJapanese gardens.com. or call/text Neita at 815-541-3508.  
Sanctuary Fall Art
The fall scene currently hanging in the front of the Sanctuary is the work of a local artist:  Margo Shryack-Pagh.  (The upper left-hand corner of your remote view.) 
The medium is batik.  The artist characterizes the creation as a “Trickster Triptych.”  Triptych refers to the three panels.  The “trickster” is a coyote that is not depicted but is the cause of the one panel being fertile and the other barren.  

The artwork is a gift from the Eliseo family in memory of Delores Eliseo.

B & G Update

The church parking lot landscaping is complete. The B&G Committee wants to express a sincere “Thank You” to all of the folks that helped to bring this project to completion. The folks that contributed their physical efforts, or financial support, all did an amazing job of seeing this through. The picture does not do credit to the island. If you can, please take an opportunity to drive by, or stop and walk around. 
DJ Schubert B&G Committee
The Eighth Principle
What’s that?  I thought there were only 7 principles.  When did an 8th principle appear?
The 7 Principles and 6 Sources are contained in the Second Article of the Bylaws of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  To read them, go to this link at uua.org:

In Section 15, Article 1 of the UUA Bylaws, is a requirement that at least every 15 years, the Second Article, containing our Principles and Sources, must be reviewed and studied for at least 2 years.  UU is the only religion that intentionally builds in that flexibility to respond to changes in “truth.”  The 7th principle was added when environmental awareness became widely agreed, (Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.)
The 8th principle was first proposed in 2013 in the Joseph Priestley District, the mid-Atlantic district of the UUA.  The UU Church of the Restoration in Philadelphia incorporated it into their Covenant then, and, in 2017, formally adopted it and proposed it to the UUA for addition to the Second Article.  To date, 30 congregations, Hawaii to DC, have adopted it.
Here it is—the Eighth Principle:
“We, the member congregations
of the Unitarian Universalist Association,
covenant to affirm and promote:
journeying toward spiritual wholeness
by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community
by our actions
that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions
in ourselves
and our institutions.”
The bylaws of the UUA intentionally make the bar to change the Principles very high.  It will take years to approve this change.  But individual congregations are free to adopt this 8th principle if their members approve it. 
In the current climate of our country, now would be a good time to study this proposed principle.  For the history and details of this addition, check this link:

Bruce Pollack-Johnson, the author of this Eighth Principle, is part of a group called the 8th Principle Learning Community, which includes both people from congregations who have adopted this 8th Principle and those considering it.  They share questions, advice, and experiences, supporting each other in this work.  The group meets viz Zoom twice a month, one meeting a presentation, and the other a networking, small group discussion.
If you would like to be part of this group, send your name and email to
dr.shiraztata@yahoo.comShiraz will send this list of emails to Bruce, who will add them to the Zoom invitation list.
Submitted by Teresa Wilmot
Ministerial Internship Committee

We want to help Omega Burckhardt meet her goal of becoming the best minister she can be. During this time of COVID, we seek your help because this isn’t a traditional internship year.  For example, she is not meeting you after the service to say hello.  Committee chairs, please include her email in your regular communications and reports. She needs to know the kind of practical issues you are dealing with because she wants to learn more about how churches work.  In the next few weeks, Omega will announce her Zoom office hours so you can speak with her directly. Our Rockford church has a long history of mentoring wonderful ministers and we want to continue in this tradition.

Committee Members
Joyce Palmer, Sandra Locke, Nieta Webster, Heather Gunnell, Duane Wilke (Chair)
Donating to NPR
Do you count on Northern Public Radio as a trusted source of news, music, and entertainment? If so, you probably know that the annual pledge drive for the local stations – 89.5 WNIJ/NPR and Classical WNIU 90.5/105.7) – is underway. But did you realize you can contribute to Public Radio and benefit our church at the same time? Here’s how it goes:

Working together, we can pool our tax-deductible donations and enable the church to air underwriting messages (Public Radio’s version of ads) informing the community about our church, its programs, and events. Once you decide on the amount of your gift, write the check to Unitarian Universalist Church, with “NPR” in the memo line. The office will send one big check to Northern Public Radio, and soon listeners throughout Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin will start hearing about Rockford’s UU Church on their favorite radio programs.  

The result? Much-needed revenue for the stations and valuable publicity for our church. Questions? Contact the church office.  
Touchstones Groups

If you are feeling disconnected and missing your fellow UU’s, now is a great time to join a Touchstone group! We are starting up some new groups, some with old friends and some with new ones.
Touchstones Groups are groups of about 8-12 people who meet to explore the monthly theme. Some will choose to meet online and some will gather in-person to share insights, laughter, tears, discovery, and connection.  They generally meet twice a month, for 1-2 hours, depending on the size and group preference. 
If you choose to join a group, please plan on participating regularly through the Spring, in respect of your fellow group members.   

To sign up, please email Chris Ainsworth at

*New groups will be determined based on sign-ups.
Literature Link for Oct 4 sermon about centering

• “Walk Don’t Run” by Rob Bella mindfulness poem about becoming aware.  Great line:
“Efficiency is not God’s highest goal for your life”

An on-line mindfulness event-wow. OCT 8th
Hi friends, This challenge will teach you simple yet powerful strategies to rewire your brain for peace, and presence. It’s free and includes a live online event. Starting October 8th. Simply follow the link below to join me:
http://mindfulness.com/register I hope to see you there. x
Here is an article by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times this week about how during an otherwise ordinary walk could amplify the mental health benefits of the stroll, according to an interesting new psychological study of what the study’s authors call “awe walks.”  Very enlightening.
“The Vandercook,”  by Alice Mattison is a short story that portrays an unequal marriage. The relationship is dominated by the wife, who is so committed to her personal prerogatives that her husband might as well not exist. 
Here is the story on-line:  https://ecotonemagazine.org/fiction/the-vandercook/And here is a brief analysis of the story


In faith,
Dale Dunnigan
Social Justice Updates
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