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Kairos                                                       02/14/2023

Love is the Spirit of this church
February 19, 2023, at 10:00 a.m.
 Online and in-person 

Rev. Dr. Matthew Johnson
The Unitarian Universalist Association is proposing to change “Article 2”, where we articulate who we are and what we are about.  They are placing at the center of this statement “love,” which we here have named as the spirit of our church.  What does it mean to say that love is the center of our faith?  What makes that real?  And what do I think about the article 2 revisions?  We have special musical guests for a special treat as well – don’t miss it. 

We will Share the Plate with Carrie Lynn Children’s Center
Carrie Lynn Children’s Center helps families in Boone and Winnebago Counties address the problem of child sexual abuse and serious physical abuse by facilitating access to much needed social, mental health and other support services, in a neutral, child-focused setting.

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Happy Birthday to: Jeff Earhart (02/16), Kathy Killackey (02/18), Nancy Eliseo (02/19), Kim Winger (02/19), Roland Christen (02/20), & Nicole Ticknor (02/21)!

Volunteers for Sunday, February 19
Ushers: Myrna Lake & Dick Lake
Greeters: We Need 2 Volunteers
Guest Table: Ann Caskey & Neita Webster
Coffee Hosts: We Need 2 Volunteers
Please note that if you volunteer for coffee host you will need to clean up afterward and run the cups through the sanitizer. 
Reminder to coffee hour hosts: please make sure the heater is off and the machine master switch is off when you leave. Thank you!

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Matthew’s Memo
Feb 14, 2023
It was 15 years ago, on Feb. 14th, 2008, when a gunman killed five others and then themselves at Northern Illinois University.  This was not the first mass shooting at a school or university, and not the last – just last night, a gunman killed three and injured five others at Michigan State University. 
One student at MSU, whose dorm is across the street from one of the shooting locations, was a student at Sandy Hook Elementary when six adults and twenty children were killed there 10 years ago. 
As Rep. Eric Sorenson put it on Twitter last night, “Tonight is a time for prayers. The time for action was yesterday.”  We should have acted long ago.  In no other country – none – does this happen.  Why haven’t we done anything? 
In Illinois, the legislature passed a bill to restrict assault weapons – and Republicans and gun-shop owners sued to stop it (it will be decided in the federal courts, so who knows what they will say and how long it will take).  But without national action, guns will just flow across state borders.  And it is the combination of guns and angry disconnected men that is the cause of the vast majority of these shootings.
So why don’t we do anything? 
Because mass shootings serve the interests of the conservative agenda.  They keep people afraid.  Sporadic and random violence works, psychologically, to keep people in fear.  Every ounce of energy that women, LGBTQ people, young people, black and brown people, and religious people – especially religious minorities – spend worrying about mass shootings, security, and violence is energy we cannot spend building the world we long for. 
Mass shootings also serve the interests of firearm manufacturers and sellers – every time there is a shooting, gun sales go up. 
Follow the money.  Follow the power. 
I do believe change is possible.  The generation – my children’s generation – who has lived through active shooter drills their whole lives has had enough.  They are beginning to exercise political power.  If you are in that generation, speak up.  If you are not, support them in their fight. Join. 
For a long time, we thought “there’s nothing we can do.”  But that’s just not true.  A better world is possible, but we will need to be clear about what we are up against.  This isn’t a “natural disaster” that is inevitable.  It is a choice that certain people have made, and it is in their interest to continue to sacrifice our children on the blood altar of their profit.  When we are clear about what we’re up against, then we have a chance to win. 
In faith,

Wonderful Wednesday
February 15, 6pm
Church Library
Join author Sharon Nesbit-Davis for a discussion of her memoir Intended: A Marriage in Black and White.

Chili Cook-Off
Saturday, February 25 4 – 7
Deale Hall
ENTER contest: bring a crockpot of chili and any toppings or fixings.
BRING place setting and games for playing inside or outside
PROVIDED power strips, cords, coffee and water
AWARDS Best Display & Best Chili (latter wins a parking space)


We Need YOU

We are updating and adding photos to the Church Directory. You can upload your own photo onto Breeze or send a photo to 

The directory is a great tool for helping us get to know one another, connecting names and faces is an important part of church life. 

We will publish a hard copy of the Directory soon. We would like to have you in it!

Thank you,
Rev Joyce


List of resources that may be helpful to you or someone you know.

Family Peace Center – 1-779-348-7600 
Remedies Renewing Lives – 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline – 1-815-962-6102

Catholic Charities Long Term Care Ombudsman Program – 1-815-316-0040 or 1-800-369-0895
Mercyhealth at Home/Older Adult Services – 1-815-971-3502
Lifescape Community Services – 1-815-963-1609 or 1-800-779-1189 

Center for Sight and Hearing – 1-815-332-6800 P
RAMP – 1-815-968-7467 
The ARC – 1-815-965-3455 

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Literature Link in Memory of Dale Dunnigan
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